A Reason to Fear

By Dodie Cantrell-Bickley The Nazis defeated, the German people must now pay for the inhuman atrocities inspired by Adolf Hitler. Guilty or not, every German is enveloped in the Nazi blanket. Some of the guilty will pay for their crimes at the end of the hangman's noose. The innocent will also pay as the Russian, American, and British victors surge through the land, each exacting its own special brand of retribution. Lilo, a proud young German woman who has lost her youth and her love fighting Hitler's madness, becomes painfully aware that the fight for her family's very existence may have just begun. Bud, a handsome and fun-loving American soldier weary from war, finds himself falling into a forbidden love, conflicted that his sentiments might mock the deaths of his brothers-in-arms and uncomfortable out of his usual love-them-and-leave-them role. C.T., a decorated African American US soldier, silently wages his own war, wondering if he dares return home. Is his blood and the blood his brothers spilled across the European continent red enough to trulu buy his freedom at home? In this sequel to Cantrell-Bickley's moving novel, The Reason of Fools, the author offers a rare glimpse into the realities of post-WWII Germany. A Reason to Fear takes readers on a journey masterminded by the three greatest powers on the planet. Will their efforts to root out evil and punish the perpetrators mean that Hitler will claim even more innocents from his grave?
A Reason to Fear
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